30 April 2010

Flying "home"

I'm blogging from the plane! Drug-free. Take-off freaked me out. Afterwards, it was just fine. Great, in a way. I'm having a blast looking out the window and I have some very fun girl sitting next to me chatting away. Good flight home so far.

(Don't forget: FLICKR!)

Home. Eating something. Had three drinks on the plane. Sat next to a couple of people who were quite magnanimous, and insisted on buying me drinks. So a screwdriver and two rum and cokes later, I was pretty well on. Just so happens these two were from Philly, but the girl was originally from Florida (Plantation, even, living in a complex down the street from me that I'd looked at years ago and that my ex moved into when we split back in 2006 - small world etc.). So they gave me some tips on Philly and places to look for housing. We exchanged numbers and emails. Renay and Gary. Very nice people - not my "types" -- much more in party mode, much more outgoing -- but extremely lovely people I wouldn't mind hanging out with in Philly since they live in the area where I will be working. Funny how these things go.

The flight was good. It was "drug free" (yes, I had alcohol - this was well into the flight, thanks). The takeoff was frightening. Feeling shoved back in the seat, seeing the plane take off, the noise, etc. But I was quickly distracted by the incredible speed and view, and a few minutes in, I was actually enjoying the flight. The bulk of the flight, being at night, was complete blackness out the window. The descent into South Florida and Ft. Lauderdale was up there on some of the most amazing experiences I've had.

Arrived home to lots of mail, of course. The City of Fort Lauderdale has two positions I qualify for that they want me to come in for - one to test/interview for, the other to just interview for. The City of Pembroke Pines wants me to attend orientation after which, if I liked it, I'd have the job. Both are in the trash. Leaving Florida is a wonderful prospect. Living in Philly? With my fiance? And some new friends? In a place with seasons? Yes, please. I can't wait. I spent the last year or two feeling stuck in neutral, not knowing what I wanted to do or what would feel like I was moving forward. Well, I guess this is it. I'm grabbing it as hard as I can.

I had a bit of a run-through on some of what I'll be doing and it is similar to some of what I've done before - or at least used before in previous occupations - and the rest I would likely very easily learn. I am excited about this new job. I think I'd like it quite a lot. The differences - from what I can see right now - between the new job and the one I will quite happily be leaving are happily large.

This past week was...I don't know what. The week to come will be a busy jumble, with tension and anxiety and stress and happy anticipation. Then...as cheesy as it is to say, a new life.

The flight home is documented on Flickr, as well as the rest of the trip and various and sundry older stuff etc. My Flickr will continually be updated, and comment!

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