25 March 2009

Not Jesus, Hey Zeus

For a while now I've decried the decaying power of television and movies, and one of my very top 2009 priorities was to watch less of that glowing box in my living room and to limit myself to seeing only as many movies in the theater as I can count on one hand, and really, I have been far happier, more alert and much more productive than ever since I made that resolution. I'll go on all day (ask my girlfriend) about how television and, increasingly these days, movies do more harm than anything else, and I do actually wholeheartedly believe that. But I'll tell you something:

One of my students doing a project in my lab today needed to know real quick who the 21st president was. And I immediately told him: Chester A. Arthur. And I knew that piece of trivia because I learned it from Die Hard 3.

12 March 2009

Glenn Sings "Nerd Rock"

Glenn demonstrates nerd rock for me. This is an angle that we should've pursued back then, really.

04 March 2009