17 February 2010

The Holy See's approved rock albums

Someone sent this to me: The Vatican has released a list of their top 10 rock albums of all time. L’ Osservatore Romano, the Vatican's official newspaper, listed their choices for the best ten. "Revolver" and "Dark Side of the Moon" appear on the list, of which I approve. Oasis' "What's the Story (Morning Glory)" is a bit hinky to me. Also, "Thriller" made the list, which I guess makes sense given the Church's stance on pedophilia. (Yeah, obvious bad joke.) They did call the list "semiserious," which I suppose explains how Santana's "Supernatural" and Crosby's "If I Could Only Remember My Name" ended up on there. Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors" and Donald Fagen's "Nightfly" are choices I really like as well.


This screenshot of a video popped up as a Google ad this morning. Maybe I have a dirty mind but the picture gave me pause. And then made me chuckle. I played it for about three seconds and saw that it was just figure skating from the Olympics (three seconds being about 2.5 seconds too long for me).

14 February 2010


This is apparently a real thing. So basically, once your girl gets tired of flowers, send a Hug-E-Gram (as if flowers is the only thing you could send anyway). A pair of Mickey Mouse-esque arms that you strap around your waist and I guess they inflate and tighten and you close your eyes and pretend you haven't just in desperation strapped on fake arms and that they are your real lover's arms. Who for some reason is not able to give you a real hug, as in a long-distance relationship. Next in line maybe is a Foreplay-E-Gram and then just a sex doll.

12 February 2010


In my email this morning I had an email telling me "Someone sent you a VD card!" This frightened me for a moment.

11 February 2010


HIV Prevention Mobsters. "HIV...it's time to take control of this gangsta!"

I don't think there's anything I can say to add to this really. It's sad and funny that someone thought kids/thug-wannabes who might not respond to normal urges in wanting to find out if they might have an STD might respond if it was made to seem "gangsta." The names of the people on the billboard are hilarious. I'd have loved to be in the meeting where this idea was hatched. And these people's huge faces on display with titles like "da Chlamydia CRUSHER" displayed...why would they agree to that?

08 February 2010

Sarah Palin, Super Genius

Like I needed more reasons to not trust Sarah Palin to run a PTA meeting, let alone anything approaching a political position, now we have more antics in her attempts to answer questions. Last year, she was flummoxed by "gotcha!" questions like "What do you read?" - and really, lots of people don't read, but could at least just name a random magazine/newspaper/book; even Bush was able to do that - this time she read answers she had written on her hand. At a "tea party" meeting, in which "tea baggers" (I never get tired of saying that) are of course going to be lobbing softballs at her.

This is pretty awesome when you're in middle school. I used to write answers on my hand, after I perfected a way to write really small and write in a sort of abbreviated code. I also used to write answers on my pencil (some teachers were dumb enough to give us reviews that were exactly the same as the test, so I could just write "a, b, b, c, d, a, etc."). In 7th grade I wrote answers on a piece of paper that I put in my mouth - something I learned from Spies Like Us - but I swallowed it a couple of minutes into the test.

Part of me hopes Palin runs in 2012 - this seems to be what a lot of people are thinking will happen - because she's quite entertaining. However, she could win. Seems a long shot maybe, but this country embraces batshit people. Also, Democrats fuck things up at every opportunity.