08 February 2010

Sarah Palin, Super Genius

Like I needed more reasons to not trust Sarah Palin to run a PTA meeting, let alone anything approaching a political position, now we have more antics in her attempts to answer questions. Last year, she was flummoxed by "gotcha!" questions like "What do you read?" - and really, lots of people don't read, but could at least just name a random magazine/newspaper/book; even Bush was able to do that - this time she read answers she had written on her hand. At a "tea party" meeting, in which "tea baggers" (I never get tired of saying that) are of course going to be lobbing softballs at her.

This is pretty awesome when you're in middle school. I used to write answers on my hand, after I perfected a way to write really small and write in a sort of abbreviated code. I also used to write answers on my pencil (some teachers were dumb enough to give us reviews that were exactly the same as the test, so I could just write "a, b, b, c, d, a, etc."). In 7th grade I wrote answers on a piece of paper that I put in my mouth - something I learned from Spies Like Us - but I swallowed it a couple of minutes into the test.

Part of me hopes Palin runs in 2012 - this seems to be what a lot of people are thinking will happen - because she's quite entertaining. However, she could win. Seems a long shot maybe, but this country embraces batshit people. Also, Democrats fuck things up at every opportunity.

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