28 December 2009


I work next to a crematorium, and ever so often out the office window I see black smoke. I know this to mean that someone is being cremated. Nothing like a reminder of mortality while I'm at work playing online poker bored out of my mind (I am currently looking for another job). But when it is at last my time to go, my family can take comfort in planning my final resting arrangements - Wal-Mart now sells caskets. In a new section on their website called, appropriately, "Funeral" (it is, oddly, a subsection under the heading "For The Home").


  1. Yes. When you're dead from eating Chicken in a Can, you can be buried in a Wal-Mart casket.

  2. Yeah, that made me gag. And the weirdo TRIED it!!!

  3. On a different post I believe he ate some sort of bugs that came in a can.