28 December 2009

Hey you kids...

I've noticed a troubling trend in my life lately. Whenever I'm listening to some new band/artist, or (rarely) watching something new with some actor/actress or interview subject and I think enough to do a Wikipedia check to see perhaps what else they've been in or what other albums they've released, and then I see what year they were born in and it is later than my year of birth...my heart sinks. Looking up some musician earlier I saw they were born in 1985. 1985?!?!? Am I too old to like them then? This must be a symptom of being ten months away from turning thirty. Even worse would be seeing some cute musician or something and then seeing that she was born in like 1988...being not only a bit younger than me but yet not actually technically "too" young. It used to be people 8 and 10 years younger than me were, like, way young. What the hell?!?!?


  1. Look on the bright side. You won't officially be a Creeper for another 10 months.