25 August 2010

Russian numbers station changes broadcast for the first time in 20 years

From Gizmodo: Mysterious Russian 'numbers station' changes broadcast after 20 years. One of my big nerd obsessions is numbers stations, which are shortwave broadcasts, typically of numbers being read aloud (but sometimes various noises, such as musical passages, beeps and tones, and in one notoriously creepy case, a music box). These are assumed to be spy broadcasts. They're damned interesting to me, and quite creepy at times (one ex of mine forbade me of ever playing them in the house). So it is interesting that the station in that article has changed its broadcast for the first time in 20 years. Is something about to happen?

If you're interested in hearing examples of these broadcasts, The Conet Project is an amazing collection of them, which can be heard (and downloaded if you're so inclined) here.

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