19 March 2010

aerophobia part 3

I bought a plane ticket. Flying late next month. No turning back now!

I am now considering my options for how to mitigate any fear and anxiety I might feel. (Strangely - in a good way - I'm not really feeling any at all so far. Strange because in the past, even thinking about maybe doing it - and certainly looking at buying a ticket - elicited some major anxiety.) Self-hypnosis recordings? Learning relaxation techniques? Drugs? (I'm going to try to avoid going that far.)

Supposedly in my aversion to flying I join "famous aviatophobics" such as Isaac Asimov, David Bowie, Robert Smith, Megan Fox (who?), John Madden, and Whoopi Goldberg.


  1. Then definitely don't read my "I'm Alive" post ;) You'll be fine. I'm not the best flier (and it's getting worse with age), but it's still the safest form of travel and the sights you see from the window are amazing.

  2. You know my method of dealing with it - it works! Where are you going?

  3. If you tell me not to read something, the first thing I'm going to do is read it.

  4. You mean drugs, Glenn? I'm trying to resist going that route (don't want to have to rely on that if I don't have to, also to save money).

    I'm going to Pennsylvania.